Hot spa

The spring water of Yunni is a characteristic brown coffee color.
This tasteless, odorless water has a reputation for being good
for the skin by making it silky and smooth.
  • Open-air spa for women
    Open-air spa for women
  • Open-air spa for men
    Open-air spa for men
  • Open-air herb spa for women
    Open-air herb spa for women
  • Indoor baths for men and women
    Indoor baths for men and women
Water quality of hot spa Spring quality: Sodium hydrogen carbonate / chloride spring
Characteristics Because of the many hydrogen carbonate ions, the water of this hot spring feels slimy, which produces silky and smooth skin. Therefore, it is commonly called water for beauty (water for beautiful skin). Meanwhile, the hot water, gushing from 1,300 meters underground, is coffee colored. The Yuni area is located in the peat zone. It is said that the ground water infiltrated the coal layers accumulated several thousand years ago and thus came to have its characteristic coffee color. Take a bath and feel the sentiment for the ancient era.
Indications Chronic skin diseases, poor circulation, neuralgia, muscle pain, and joint pain
Amenities Conditioning shampoo, body wash, and hair dryer

To enjoy the hot spa

In the changing room:
The changing room is public. Put a 100-yen coin into a vacant locker to leave your clothes. You can bring only a small hand towel into the bathroom.
Please leave the bath towel in the locker.
You are not allowed to wear a swimsuit in the bathroom. Shampoo and body wash are available, but you may bring your own. Please be sure not to leave them behind after the bath.
How to take a hot spa
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  • Kakeyu (Pour hot water over yourself)

    There is a small bathtub called the kakeyu in the spa. Pour the hot water over yourself from the kakeyu to warm your body. It is very dangerous to soak in hot spring water if your body is not warmed. Your blood pressure will rise rapidly due to the stimulus. Pour the hot water first over the toes to the thighs and then to the chest. By pouring the hot water from the bottom of the body to the upper part, you gradually adjust your body to the temperature of the hot water. Especially in winter, complete the kakeyu by pouring enough hot water onto your head too, since this works as a warm-up exercise and heat stimulus while in the spa.
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  • Start with the half-body bath to adjust your body to the hot water temperature

    Starting with the half-body bath burdens your body less than soaking in a hot bath immediately. Lower water pressure during half-body bathing reduces the burden on the heart and lungs. In particular, those who are not healthy are recommended to take the half-body bath rather than the full-body bath.
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  • Do not take a long bath. Take several short baths.

    You may take a half-body bath in lukewarm water for a long time. However, taking a long bath in hot water is more harmful to your body. Since it causes a sudden rise in blood pressure and heart rate, a long bath in hot water is extremely dangerous, especially if you are elderly or have high blood pressure, arterial sclerosis, heart disease, or cerebrovascular disorders. In addition, taking a spa too many times is not recommended. Bathing up to three times a day would be appropriate.
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  • After taking a bath

    The effects of the medicinal properties on your skin in the hot springs can last for about three hours. Except for those whose skin is sensitive or the case of strongly stimulating hot spring water, such as acid springs, it would be more effective that you do not rinse off afterwards. Then, dry your hair and body to keep from getting cold after the bath. Drink sufficient water for hydration and rest and avoid cooling your body too much.